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Noel's Tricks, Quips, Quotes and Other Stories of the Tour and Beyond


In 1977, I played in the Victoria Falls golf classic in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). On the 17th hole my tee shot unfortunately just trickled into a small lake which had a large red sign in the middle of it that said BEWARE OF CHARLIE THE CROC!! The ball was half in and half out of the water and having seen CHARLIE basking on the other side of the lake decided to quickly take off one shoe and play it from where it lay. Needless to say, the ball went straight into the hole for a birdie 2 but not without a terrifying scare. In the commotion and celebrations that immediately followed the croc had been disturbed and was quickly on his way back into the water! I have never moved so fast in all my life!!! I played the last hole with only one shoe and later went back to get the other!!!


One of the greatest characters on tour was Simon Hobday from South Africa. He was always the man who got all the bad breaks. On one occasion, I was drawn to play with him he turned up on the 1st tee wearing the biggest widest and most ridiculously multicoloured hat you will ever see. After asking him why he was wearing it he replied, pointing to the skies, "Because him up there won't recognize me!"


At the opening of one of my Centenary celebration shows I asked the Lady Captain if she would like to hit the first shot. She reluctantly agreed to do so and from the location of the show, which was the Men's back tee on the 1st. She managed to hit the ladies tee box 50 yards ahead. The ball rebounded right back off the box and finally came to rest approximatly 3 feet away from her feet. There was an immediate response from one of the members in the audience, "BEAT THAT MR. HUNT, BEAT THAT!!!!!!"


Whilst waiting to tee off the 1st with Arnold Palmer in the 1981 Open Championship at Royal St Georges Golf Course one of my fellow Mancunian supporters for the week cried out, "OY, Hunty, who's that you're playing with?!"

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