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Noel's Tricks, Quips, Quotes and Other Stories of the Tour and Beyond


Whilst partnering Jack Nicklaus in the Open Championship I managed to land one of my tee shots directly on top of a spectator's head rendering her unconscious for approximately 5 minutes. I was so concerned about her that I insisted on waiting until an ambulance arrived before we played on.

After a delay of aproximately 30 minutes and having had to wave 3 pairings through, we finally resumed play. Mr. Nicklaus proceeded to double bogey the hole and finally went on to finish runner up in the championship just .1 SHOT behind the winner, Gary Player.


During the show I asked the Captain of the club to try hitting one of the trick shots. He willingly obliged and ended up hitting the ball through the clubhouse window and straight into the 19th.


After the show the secretary of the club came to me and said, "I say old chap, I rather enjoyed your performance out there today. Amazing! You hit the ball very well, don't you?"
"Thank you very much." I said. "I am glad you enjoyed it."
"Tell me" he said, "Do you actually play the game itself?"
Cheekily I replied, "No I never seem to find the time to."
"You should you know" he said, "You'd get the hang of it in no time!"


Yes, I do a lot of 'tricks' during the show but to be honest that is the easiest part of the whole routine. The hardest thing is maintaining a high level of skill with the conventional golf sections of the show and being able to call the shots BEFORE I hit them and not AFTER. With the knowledge I have gained over the years of not only playing with the greatest golfers in the world but also holding their attention when performing in front of them, I would like to think that my show is far more than just a TRICK shot routine.

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